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Opened Joint-Stock company Demitex was established in 1992 on the base of a cotton mill.

OJSC Demitex is situated in Poltava, the regional centre of Ukraine.

Two spinning systems are applied at the factory: carded and combed. Ring-spinning is used in the combed system. Ring-spinning and Open End Spinning are used in the carded system.

OJSC Demitex is a modern mill with great potential in the sphere of the textile industry. The high-performance equipment of the leading Western European companies such as Trūtzchler, Rieter, Oerlikon Schlafhorst, Grossenhainer, Elitex and Muratec is used in the production process.

Every new technological achievement strengthens the leading position of OJSC Demitex in the world market.

The name and production of the OJSC Demitex are the synonyms of quality.

The high quality production-is a yarn you can trust, the goods from our yarn look fashionable and elegant.

E-Mail: office@demitex.com.ua